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National Transportation Safety Board investigators inspect the Southwest Airlines engine that exploded in flight April 17.
Many Southwest cancellations, delays Sunday for emergency engine inspections
Scores of Southwest Airlines travelers are facing delays or cancellations Sunday due to emergency inspections after the mid-air explosion of an engine on one of the airline's 737s last week.
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Owners Greg Herro, left, Dean VandenBiesen of Fibs Brewing Company in Des Plaines hold beers from their new microbrewery. The two also own a company called LifeGem that turns the remains of loved ones into diamonds.
Des Plaines' first brewery fuses an unlikely combination
Finding a qualified contractor to perform repairs can be challenging because of a widespread shortage of skilled tradespeople. And when you do find one, projects can cost more and take longer to complete.
Skilled-labor shortage makes home repairs a headache
Three generations enjoy nightly meals around the dining room table. Clockwise from left are Jim Gibbs, Lisa Gibbs-Smith, Lauren Smith, Frank Smith, Rusty Smith and Grace Gibbs.
One big, happy family: Making multigenerational homes work
Business Ledger 'If you wish to become great, then you must not settle for good'
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