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NBC lets Americans stream Olympics coverage on TVs as well as smartphones and, shown here, tablets — as long as you have a password from a pay TV provider.
Review: Don't feel guilty about sharing your TV log-in
It's possible to stream so much TV through apps in 2018 -- as long as you have a password from a pay TV provider. Here's the digital dilemma: Can you give your log-in to your friend? What about your kid in college? Is that sharing ... or stealing?
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Moen’s smart shower system can be operated with Amazon’s Alexa.
Future smart homes -- roll-up TVs, intelligent ovens, a brain-wave bath
Some people across the country are reporting that they’re having a tough time getting their iPhone batteries replaced through Apple’s battery replacement program that launched after the company admitted that it slows down phones with older batteries to preserve the phones’ performance.
Getting a new iPhone battery can be a frustrating, weekslong process
YouTube’s failure to stop the spread of conspiracy theories related to last week’s school shooting in Florida highlights a problem that has long plagued the platform: It is far better at recommending videos that appeal to users than at stanching the flow of lies.
YouTube excels at recommending videos. Detecting hoaxes? Not so much
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