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Some argue that the Social Security number should be all but retired, yet coming up with a good alternative is not an easy task.
A Social Security number may not be secure. But how do we replace it?
They're supposed to be the nine most closely guarded numbers in your life. But with an ever-growing number of companies asking for Social Security numbers -- and then hit by cyber breaches exposing them -- experts say the Social Security number is clearly a flawed way to accurately identify someone. Some argue that the IDs should be all but retired, yet coming up with a good alternative is not an easy task.
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The abusive bosses, uncivil co-workers and tyrannical teammates who populate office cube farms are not all the same — and require different responses.
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The Equifax scandal began with the company’s belated admission that cyberthieves may have made off with credit-scoring profiles of 143 million people, including their Social Security numbers.
Analysis: The real, simple lesson we can take from the Equifax fiasco
What makes cage-free different from organic? What makes organic different from grass-fed? Free range different from pasture-raised? No one really knows for sure, and that’s the problem.
Good luck finding a truly organic egg
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