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Schaumburg village board members will hear an update on plans to redevelop the former Motorola Solutions campus Tuesday. However, the update will not include more details about the number of homes proposed for the site.
Developer: Former Motorola site redevelopment plan is making progress
Schaumburg village board members Tuesday will hear a two-month-delayed update on the proposed redevelopment of the former Motorola Solutions campus, but one that still won't answer one key question.
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Hoffman Estates village board members Monday renewed the special-use permit for The Stonegate Banquet and Conference Centre’s tent and patio through July 1 in hopes that the owners will address unrelated maintenance violations elsewhere on the property by that time.
Stonegate Banquet Centre tent wins reprieve in Hoffman Estates
London Skye Owner Joellen Elam helps customer Kevin Walker at London Skye boutique in Naperville.
London Skye boutique opens in Naperville
Places like the Smoke Hub in Elk Grove Village will still be able to sell cigarettes, but only to people 21 or older.
Elk Grove Village limits tobacco sales to 21 and over
Sadaf Siddiqui
Business Ledger Siddiqui named general counsel of Combined Insurance
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