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Ephi Zlotnitsky, an Israeli-born entrepreneur, tries out his new airplane pillow — dubbed JetComfy — at his Rockville, Md., office.
One man's quest to help travelers sleep on a plane: JetComfy
Ephi Zlotnitsky and a business partner have invested three years and $350,000 to create the JetComfy, a pillow the size of a purse that sells for $39.99. It weighs less than a pound and measures 9.5-by-5.5 inches. It looks nothing like a pillow -- more like a foam headrest attached to a foot-long pole supported by the arm of your seat.
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In a recent survey, fewer millennial women said they were using all of the time away they’d earned. (Forty-four percent, down from 46 percent last year, said they’d taken full advantage of their benefit.) In explaining why they weren’t using all their time, young women were more likely to say they felt guilty, replaceable or wanted to “show complete dedication.”
Why millennial women aren't taking the vacations they've earned
Organizations spend a lot of resources to attract and retain high performers who can outsell, out-produce and out-think others, but they often don’t think about how their addition will impact the current team.
Career Coach: How to handle the new hotshot on your team
The 'below average' fund fee could eat your retirement
Loft 21, a private event space, officially opened May 19 in the former Cubby Bear North on Milwaukee Avenue in Lincolnshire includes new landscaping and outdoor decks.
Business Ledger Ambitious business owner opens trendy event venue
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