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Des Plaines aldermen voted 7-1 Tuesday to buy the Des Plaines Theatre for almost $1.3 million. They see it as a key element in an effort to revitalize the city’s downtown.
Now that Des Plaines owns a downtown theater, what's next?
In a major milestone in Des Plaines's yearslong effort to reopen the shuttered Des Plaines Theatre, aldermen approved a deal Tuesday to buy the Art Deco-style building for nearly $1.3 million on a 7-1 vote.
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City staff members developing a downtown streetscape plan in Naperville are set to consider whether future improvements to sidewalks, seating and landscaping also can include installation of power plugs and internet connectivity for people to use as on-the-go workspaces.
How Naperville streetscapes could foster remote work culture
Ari Golegos is the owner of Corfu restaurant in St. Charles. Contrary to rumor, the restaurant has no plans to close.
Corfu owner reassures diners: Restaurant not closing
A white nationalist advocate is suing Twitter for banning his account amid the company’s recent crackdown on content it deems abusive. Jared Taylor filed the lawsuit Tuesday in a San Francisco state court. Taylor joins a growing list of extreme right wing groups and figures suing social media sites for banning their accounts and content.
Twitter suspends thousands of suspected bots, angering Trump boosters
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