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Shoppers navigate the Black Friday crowds at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg.
Black Friday brings apparel deals, new cars, meditation in the suburbs
The Black Friday shopping experience is diversifying in the suburbs. Here's how shoppers snagged things from half-price hoodies to certified used cars.
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The site of an already approved Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express, north of the Chicago Marriott Schaumburg on Martingale Road in Schaumburg. The developer is seeking a Cook County tax incentive to restart the financially stalled project.
Stalled Schaumburg hotel project seeks tax incentive
Discount grocer Aldi is proposing a first-of-a-kind look for its planned Vernon Hills store on the southeast corner grassy area (right) of the Menard’s development site. The proposal will be discussed by village leaders Tuesday.
Vernon Hills to consider revised Aldi plan
The owners of Brackett & Company Home Accents in downtown Arlington Heights expect business to be good this weekend, mirroring a growing trend of Americans preferring small, mom-and-pop businesses over big chains to do their bricks-and-mortar holiday shopping.
Small shops threatening the mall this holiday season
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