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A sign posted at The Clubhouse restaurant and banquet hall at 1301 American Lane in Schaumburg informs patrons of its closing. The restaurant is the third to fail at that location since 2010.
The Clubhouse restaurant in Schaumburg closes
The Clubhouse restaurant in Schaumburg, the third user of the vast, 22,000-square-foot building on American Lane that opened as Entourage in 2006, has permanently closed.
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Construction is expected to begin as early as March on apartments slated for the old St. Charles Mall site.
Construction could start this spring at former St. Charles Mall site
Ana Martinez gives a patient a flu shot Jan. 11 in Seattle. For the week ending Jan. 13, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported flu-disease activity was high in 32 states, including Illinois.
Flu shots mostly not mandatory
Pete Schoonmaker of Arlington Heights works out on a new Jacobs Ladder machine, one of about 100 new pieces of equipment at Northwest Community Healthcare’s Wellness Center. The center displayed its $1 million in renovations Monday.
Northwest Community unveils $1 million Wellness Center upgrades
Business Ledger The unintended consequences of the federal tax bill
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