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A notice on the door of the former Haeger Potteries plant in East Dundee deems the building unsafe for occupancy.
What happened to the former Haegar factory in East Dundee?
All operations have ceased at the former Haeger Potteries plant in East Dundee, and village officials say the building can't be occupied until all fines are paid and code violations are fixed.
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Four suburban companies will join Carson’s in laying off workers, according to a state report.
Report: Hundreds of suburban workers to lose their jobs
Johnsonville is recalling about 110,000 pounds of smoked sausage because of plastic found in the product.
Johnsonville recalls 110,000 pounds of smoked sausage
Toys R Us CEO David Brandon told employees Wednesday that the company’s plan is to liquidate all of its U.S. stores, according to an audio recording of the meeting obtained Associated Press.
When will the sales begin at Toys R US? 4 things you need to know about franchise's future
Selim Bassoul, CEO at Middleby in Elgin is surrounded by some of the ovens that he is sending to Haiti and Puerto Rico.
Business Ledger Middleby CEO heats up relief effort with ovens
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