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To celebrate its anniversary, Portillo’s is offering customers a slice of its Famous Chocolate Cake for 55-cents on Wednesday, April 4.
Portillo's sells cake for 55 cents to celebrate anniversary
To celebrate its anniversary, Portillo's is offering customers a slice of its Famous Chocolate Cake for 55 cents on Wednesday, April 4.
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Abbott was named on LinkedIn’s list of Top Companies to Work For in the U.S.
Abbott makes LinkedIn's top companies to work for list
A rendering shows a proposed two-story, 18-unit supportive housing development at 120-122 E. Boeger Drive for people with disabilities.
Arlington Heights approves new plans for apartments for disabled residents
Kim Bless, CEO and president of the Elgin Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, makes $127,000 per year plus a vehicle stipend. The city, as a condition of its fiscal contribution, is considering setting a limit on the bureau’s salaries.
Elgin wants to cap tourism bureau salaries
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