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Wheeling trustees last week renewed a liquor license for Kolssak Funeral Home, allowing it to continue serving alcohol at end-of-life celebrations.
Wheeling renews funeral home's liquor license
Kolssak Funeral Home in Wheeling will continue serving alcohol at end-of-life celebrations for at least another year, under a measure approved unanimously by the village board.
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J.D. Patel arrived from India to Chicago as a poor immigrant, but worked 100 hours a week as an engineer at Motorola. He later started buying franchises. He now owns 12 Subways, three CD One Price Cleaners, a construction company and other investments.
From poor to franchisee, former Motorola engineer owns Subways, One Price, other investments
Construction is expected to last about two years for improvements at Route 41 and Grand Avenue in Gurnee.
Construction to challenge Gurnee's revitalizion plan
In this April 12, 2017 photo, Taiwan's "digital minister" Audrey Tang speaks during an interview in Seoul, South Korea. Tang, a computer prodigy and entrepreneur who taught herself programming when she was 8, hopes to use the internet to transform public involvement in government. She says she finds President Donald Trump’s Twitter posts "refreshing." (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)
Taiwan's "hacker minister" reshaping digital democracy
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