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JoJo is the new mascot for Jewel-Osco.
Jewel launches one-eyed mascot named JoJo
Jewel-Osco has introduced its first mascot, a red, furry, one-eyed, gender-neutral character named JoJo.
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Elk Grove Village-based Clear Lam Packaging is being acquired by global packaging company Sonoco for about $170 million in cash.
Elk Grove's Clear Lam Packaging acquired for $170 million
Construction is about to begin on a Speedway gasoline station here at Northwest Highway and Kelsey Road in Lake Barrington. This vacant building will be cleared to accommodate the plan, which drew much criticism before it was approved in 2014.
Work set to start on controversial gas station in Lake Barrington
Play Video Drivers at a McDonald’s in Arlington Heights are greeted by a signing warning of the pending Cook County “soda tax,” set to begin Saturday. But some details — like what about refills? — are not answered.
Will Cook County soda tax make you pay for the ice in your drink?
The Model One 3-D printer from Northbrook-based Impossible Objects recently won the 2017 Innovation Award at the annual RAPID + TCT Conference.
Business Ledger Northbrook firm's 'radical' 3D printer wins innovation award
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