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Local business leaders share predictions, thoughts about 2018
Suburban business leaders share their thoughts on everything from the Federal Reserve and the overhaul of the tax law to if you should put ketchup on your Portillo's hot dog and prediction on if the Cubs will make the World Series.
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Matt Weber, co-owner of Clark’s Car Care in Naperville, on Thursday was named one of 10 nationwide winners of the Synchrony Financial Working Forward Small Business Award, which provides $10,000 to put toward the business and $10,000 for a nonprofit of the owner’s choice. Weber and his wife, Laura, are giving $10,000 to Care for Cars, which helps jobseekers afford needed car repairs so they can get to work.
Award helps Naperville car shop keep jobseekers on the road
ComEd gained approval Thursday to lower monthly residential bills by between $2 and $3.
ComEd bills to go down $2-3 in February
“Within three days of moving into a one-bedroom apartment in the Kennedy-Warren, we decided we loved it,” says Fred Klein.
Downsizing baby boomers face a key decision: Is it better to rent or to buy?
Brendan J. Sheahan
Business Ledger Darwin promotes Sheahan to vice president
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        No; lawmakers won't agree to terms. 27.6%
        Yes; lawmakers will make a full budget deal. 3.3%
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