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App reviews: xCurrency, TypeShift
App reviews: The app xCurrency gives you an easy way to convert from dollars to pounds to yuan and back, among many other currencies. Love word games but can't quite get the knack of filling out a crossword puzzle on a mobile device? TypeShift streamlines and updates the experience for touch screens.
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Apple highlighted its new focus on augmented reality earlier this month at its Worldwide Developers Conference.
How might the next iPhone use augmented reality?
A sample of how a printout made with the erasable toner looks.
New Toshiba office printer allows you to erase, reuse
New York to London in 2.5 hours? Aerospace start-up Boom says it's coming
The Model One 3-D printer from Northbrook-based Impossible Objects recently won the 2017 Innovation Award at the annual RAPID + TCT Conference.
Business Ledger Northbrook firm's 'radical' 3D printer wins innovation award
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