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AT DAILYHERALD.COM/MORE: Andy Cooper, vice president of research and development for Nalco Water, gives a tour of the company’s new Water University, which opens Monday in Naperville. The facility will allow Nalco Water customers and employees to learn ways to better manage and recycle water in their production processes.
Nalco's Water University in Naperville to teach conservation, innovation
Nalco Water's new training space in Naperville, Water University, will help businesses use less, recycle more and help decrease global water demand.
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Monica + Andy is opening a pop-up guideshop at Oakbrook Center Saturday.
Monica + Andy opening at Oakbrook Center
Wintrust Financial Corp. in Rosemont said its earnings rose 24 percent in the third quarter over last year.
Wintrust earnings climb 24 percent
Oak Brook economic group launches new website
Michael T. Shrake
Business Ledger Michael T. Shrake elected president at Gewalt Hamilton
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