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Kirkland stands at his drafting table, where he creates some of the drawings for his large-scale public art projects.
When home becomes office: How to make it work
Working from home has become as ordinary as having a job in the first place. But what if you must live and work under the same roof full time? How do you meld your working space with your home?
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A Macy’s employee at left helps customers at a department store in New York on Feb. 22, 2016.
Retailers' dilemma: Top-notch customer service is expensive
There’s still time to slash your tax burden, boost your retirement savings and get a head start on investing wisely in 2018. One tip is to spend some time reviewing your portfolio. The end of the year is a good time to check your portfolio’s diversification among assets, such as stocks and bonds, and categories within each.
4 items to cross off your investing checklist before Dec. 31
When helping your child explore careers, remember there’s a lot more out there than just doctor and lawyer. The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook lists 25 career categories with descriptions of hundreds of jobs within those categories.
How to help your child choose the right career (without being overbearing)
Jim Di Ciaula has been named the next president & CEO of the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce, effective Jan. 3.
Business Ledger New chamber president named in St. Charles
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