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Ann Elise Trafford alleges that she was sexually harassed by her manager while working at Acqua al 2 restaurant in Washington, D.C., when she was 17.
Six women learn the confusing, ambiguous reality of confronting an alleged harasser
Everyone else was posting their #MeToo stories last October, and that's when Ann Elise Trafford realized she had one to tell, too.
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Alexis Ortiz Estrella, 17, a high school graduate of the Morris Academy for Collaborative Studies, poses for a portrait in the Bronx school in New York.
A teacher's parting gift: A starter stash of Zcash
Even at a company social outing, revealing your body art carries some risks.
When's the right time to bare your body art?
Open office plans were supposed to get people to interact more. One study suggests that workers have found new ways to avoid each other.
Open office plans are as bad as you thought
Miriam Iwrey
Business Ledger Carol Stream chamber names Iwrey CEO
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