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Kellogg’s will close its distribution center in Woodridge this summer and cut 258 area jobs associated with it.
Kellogg's leaves Woodridge, cuts 258 area jobs
The Kellogg Co., maker of cereals and snack foods, said it will close its distribution center in Woodridge and cut 258 area jobs starting in late July. The jobs include 42 positions at the distribution center. The rest are sales and merchandising positions at offices in Elmhurst, Oak Brook and Chicago that are "associated with the facility for administrative purposes,"
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Pulte Homes has begun site work for a planned 128-home subdivision on the former Cuneo estate in Vernon Hills. The estate’s mansion and gardens will remain under a deal to allow home construction on the 97-acre property, shown here in a photo taken by a Daily Herald drone.
Work begins on upscale subdivision on former Cuneo estate
Fans of Chick-fil-A lined up more than 24 hours before Thursday’s opening of the chain’s new location in Gurnee.
Chick-fil-A opens new Gurnee location
The Woodridge Sam’s Club was closed Wednesday while employees were informed the store will close permanently on June 30. The store in the meantime will reopen for business Thursday.
Woodridge Sam's Club closing at end of month
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