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DAILY HERALD FILE PHOTO Portillo’s chocolate cake slices will be sold for 54 cents on April 6 to mark the company’s 54th anniversary next week.
Portillo's to mark anniversary with 54-cent cake slice
Oak Brook-based Portillo's said Thursday it will offer a slide of its chocolate cake for 54 cents on Thursday, April 6, to mark its 54th anniversary.
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A worker walks near a 747-8 airplane at the Boeing Co. facility in Everett, Washington. Boeing is now renting out the massive, hump-backed 747s to cargo carriers in countries such as Russia and Azerbaijan.
Boeing makes billion-dollar bet on 747 for cargo
AT&T, the U.S. Department of Commerce and others will help build a more unified nationwide network for first-responders.
AT&T, government partner on new nationwide emergency network
Concrete stamped to look like cobblestone likely would be removed on a segment of Front Street as part of the first phase of a downtown project that could cost more than $27 million.
Wheaton planning to revitalize downtown
Steve Lundy/ Nancy Solomon is the owner of Melon Ink in Lake Zurich. she started the business in her home years ago. She moved into a shop and now expanded to the shop next door.
Business Ledger Loving the product and gut feelings help Melon Ink grow
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