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U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, a Maine Republican, said Sunday she finds it “very difficult” to envision backing the last-chance GOP bill repealing the Obama health care law. That likely opposition leaves the Republican drive to fulfill one of the party’s premier campaign promises dangling by a thread.
New version of health-care bill will help Alaska, Maine - home of two holdout senators
The floundering Republican attempt to undo the Affordable Care Act met hardening resistance from key GOP senators Sunday that left it on the verge of collapse even as advocates vowed to keep pushing for a vote this week.
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Juan Salgado, chancellor of City Colleges, says TV viewers may see ‘a combination of WYCC and WTTW brands and programming’ after Nov. 24.
Feder: WYCC gets reprieve to Nov. 24
The abusive bosses, uncivil co-workers and tyrannical teammates who populate office cube farms are not all the same — and require different responses.
5 types of jerks at work and how to cope with them
Some male-dominated fields such as manufacturing have faced steep declines over the past two decades, taking away some of the best-paying opportunities for workers without college degrees. (AP File Photo/Paul Sancya, 2011)
Analysis: The shrinking gender wage gap and what it means for men
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