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A worker at agriculture manufacturer AGCO uses Glass to see assembly instructions, make reports and get remote video support.
Remember Google Glass? It's back and ready to go to work
The much-ridiculed augmented-reality goggles from Google, once known as Google Glass, are back after two years of relative silence. And this time Glass seems to be embracing less glamorous but arguably more practical uses such as training workers and making factory workers more efficient.
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Think of the airwaves carrying information to your electronic device as lanes on a highway. In many home WiFi routers today, you’ll find two lanes. One whose waves operate at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and one that operates at 5 GHz. Data travels from the outside world into your home and through the router, at which point it’s beamed wirelessly through the air and onto your device over these specific lanes.
Explained: Why your WiFi feels so slow sometimes
Apple has released a software update to iOS and macOS that you should download right away. The security update patches a dangerous vulnerability in WiFi chips that allows hackers to “execute arbitrary code” — industry-speak for taking over your device.
Why you should download latest Apple iOS, macOS update right away
Samsung is finally rolling out the English-language version of its Bixby voice assistant to U.S. users with Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones, the company said Wednesday.
Samsung finally rolls out Bixby voice assistant on Galaxy S8
DanielWhite/dwhite@dailyherald.comAmy Hackney, owner of Small Cakes in Orland Park, attended the BizLedger Hospitality Expo at the Tinley Park Convention Center.
Business Ledger Expo provides a taste of Southwest suburban hospitality
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