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The Amazon Fire TV Cube has to sit in the open, away from your TV speakers, so Alexa can hear your commands.
Review: Amazon's Fire TV Cube wants to replace your remote (but Alexa gets a little tongue tied)
This new $120 Alexa device lets you talk to your home theater -- but don't lose your remote in the sofa cushions just yet.
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Visitors watch an astronaut practice for flight April 26 at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. Despite the end of shuttle flights, astronauts still travel to the International Space Station.
What does it mean to be a NASA astronaut in the age of Elon Musk and Richard Branson?
“When the FTC periodically engages in serious reflection and evaluation, we are better able to promote competition and innovation, protect consumers, and shape the law, so that free markets continue to thrive,” said Federal Trade Commission chairman Joe Simons in a statement.
How should the feds regulate tech? The FTC wants to know
IBM has a history of using publicity stunts to cast an aura around its technology.
IBM's AI robot takes on debate champions
Tiffany Tran
Business Ledger Tran joins Ice Miller as business group attorney
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