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May’s Lounge, a local chain of gambling establishments, wants to open a location at 211 S. Main St., between O’Hare’s Pub & Restaurant and Arts in Bartlett.
2 businesses with gambling request permits in Bartlett
Both a gambling lounge that would serve food and liquor and a full-service restaurant that would have gambling are seeking permits to open in Bartlett within the next few months.
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Profits from the sale of this custom home in Long Grove will be donated to an organization that helps wounded veterans
Long Grove custom home sale to benefit wounded veterans organization
A new second-level al fresco outdoor dining area is complete at Ravinia.
What Ravinia's renovated dining pavilion now looks like
The 5th Avenue development project includes 13 city-owned acres containing four parking lots, a former public works building, a water tower, an office building and the property of the DuPage Children’s Museum.
One more review before 5th Avenue drawings can begin in Naperville
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Business Ledger Five steps to a more diverse workforce
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