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A two-story, 27,905-square-foot DHL Innovation Center is expected to open next year in Rosemont, with exhibit space showcasing the company’s products and projects in development.
Rosemont gives TIF dollars for DHL Innovation Center
Rosemont will give $1 million in tax increment financing funds to the developer of global logistics firm DHL's new Innovation Center, where the company plans to showcase products to clients from across North and South America.
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Dan Strojny, the owner of 30 DuPage Court, said he’s glad the city of Elgin established a sprinkler grant program to convert upper floors of downtown buildings into residential. He hopes more money will be allocated to conversion projects.
Elgin set to create sprinkler grant program to spur residences downtown
Portillo's said it launched a new advertising campaign called “Get Obsessed.”
Portillo's launches 'Get Obsessed' advertising campaign
Chicago-based sushi bowl chain Aloha Poke plans to open a restaurant in two to three months after it builds out the space at 215 S. Washington St. in downtown Naperville.
Sushi bowl restaurant working toward Naperville opening
Gen Z-ers have an abundance of digital and social insights to offer their future employers, but they’re also socially conscious and do care about face-to-face interactions, experts say.
Business Ledger 10 ways to get ready for Gen Z in the workplace
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