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Emphasizing sales is one way retailers hope to keep people coming to malls this holiday season. Here, Sears advertises a holiday sale in anticipation of Black Friday at Spring Hill Mall in West Dundee.
Why go shopping at the mall Friday? For the experience
Malls are making a comeback this holiday season, now that they offer more than just shopping.
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A seven-in-one car charger, sold at Brookstone for $39.99, includes a power bank and emergency tools, such as a seat belt cutter and a car window hammer.
Gift ideas for your loved ones' stockings this holiday season
“There’s this nostalgic trend with parents wanting to recapture their youth,” said Kate Erickson, marketing consultant for Beat Street Toys in Arlington Heights. Examples of items sold in her store are scratch-and-sniff smelly stickers, a new of version of 1970s-era Lite-Brite toy, macramé pot holders, Fashion Plates designing kits, and latch hook rugs.
Vintage, retro gifts popular this Christmas
Shoppers visit stores at Oakbrook Center.
7 tips for making the most of Black Friday shopping
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