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Schaumburg village board members will hear an update on plans to redevelop the former Motorola Solutions campus Tuesday. However, the update will not include more details about the number of homes proposed for the site.
Developer: Former Motorola site redevelopment plan is making progress
Schaumburg village board members Tuesday will hear a two-month-delayed update on the proposed redevelopment of the former Motorola Solutions campus, but one that still won't answer one key question.
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A synthetic ice rink opened last week at Hawthorn Mall in Vernon Hills.
Synthetic ice rink opens at Hawthorn Mall
Venture One Real Estate through its acquisition fund, VK Industrial IV LP, a partnership between Venture One and Kovitz Investment Group, has closed on the acquisition of a 55,276-square-foot industrial building on 6.5 acres located at 3300 16th St. in Zion.
Venture One closes on Zion deal
Meet Kuri, a roaming autonomous camera that takes pictures throughout your day.
These robots don't want your job. They want your love.
Saadi Alhalbouni, M.D.
Business Ledger Six join Silver Cross Hospital staff
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