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The planned redevelopment of the former Motorola Solutions campus in Schaumburg has received a $30.1 million loan from Chicago-based Pangea Mortgage Capital and T2 Capital Management to cover existing debt and site improvement.
Motorola campus redevelopment gets $30.1 million loan
Two Chicago-based capital providers, Pangea Mortgage Capital and T2 Capital Management, have provided a $30.1 million loan to assist with the redevelopment of 225 acres of the former Motorola Solutions campus in Schaumburg.
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The proprietors behind Arlington Beer Co. want to open their microbrewery and tap room on Hickory Avenue in Arlington Heights. But for that to happen, Arlington Heights leaders would have to approve changes in village code.
Arlington Heights might change rules to allow microbrewery
Research has shown the positive effect features such as plants, natural light and views of nature have on employees.
Vitality is the theme for office design in 2018
Wauconda police Sgt. John Thibault dons a Black Panther mask as part of a promotional stunt organized by the village’s chamber of commerce.
Wauconda or Wakanda? Village has fun with Black Panther calls it's been getting
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