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Meat & Potato Eatery is opening its second location Wednesday on Randall Road in Carpentersville.
Second Meat & Potato Eatery location opens this week in Carpentersville
Meat & Potato Eatery, a fast-casual restaurant offering homestyle food, is opening its second location Wednesday in Carpentersville.
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Tim O’ Connor, owner of the Catlow Theater and the new adjacent Showtime Eatery in downtown Barrington, with his wife, Laura, in the restaurant. An online campaign fell well short of its goal in an effort to help finance proposed upgrades to Showtime.
Online campaign to help restaurant next to Catlow falls short
Unibail-Rodamco SE, Europe’s largest commercial landlord, is buying Australia’s Westfield Corp. for about $15.8 billion. There are five Westfield malls in the suburbs, including in Vernon Hills.
Westfield sold for $16B as mall owners merge
This rendering created by the village of Lake Zurich shows the beverage pavilion being built for a new beer garden at Breezewald Park.
Breweries interested in running beer garden in Lake Zurich
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