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updated: 8/4/2014 12:53 PM

Orangetheory Fitness Wheaton works with clients heart rates

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  • Michael Kessler is the owner of Orangetheory Fitness Wheaton.

    Michael Kessler is the owner of Orangetheory Fitness Wheaton.


An interview with Michael Kessler, owner of Orangetheory Fitness Wheaton.

Q: Describe your business. What do you do?

A: The idea of Orangetheory Fitness is simple.

Our science backed 60-minute workout is designed to push individuals into the "Orange Zone," which utilizes 84 to 91 percent of one's maximum heart rate, in order to create an "Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption" effect.

This EPOC ensures that clients continue to burn calories for 24 to 36 hours after their workout.

The workout itself, composed of treadmill, water rowing, and weight training /resistance training blocks, is different each day in order to ensure that clients never get bored or plateau.

Q: What made you start your business?

A: I've always wanted to own my own business. Something to call my own. Something that I can say that I built from the ground up.

I opened up my first business to provide a good lifestyle for my family and, eventually, have more flexibility with my schedule so I can be there to witness all of my children's "firsts."

Q: What has been the most difficult obstacle in running or starting a small business?

A. Finding and retaining talented staff. We have a great staff now, but it has not been easy getting to this point. There are also little unexpected problems that come up on a daily basis. You have to be a good juggler.

Q: What do you enjoy most about operating your business?

A: Seeing personal growth in our members as they start to see results from the program. Their newfound confidence and pride in their achievements makes the countless late nights worthwhile.

Q: Is this what you pictured yourself doing when you were young? When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A: Not exactly. I always imagined being some type of international business man flying on planes and wearing suits.

Not sure why I thought that was appealing when I was young.

I have the business art right, but staying close to family and wearing workout gear everyday has its perks.

Q: What keeps you up at night?

A: Making sure that our clients are receiving the best quality of service/experience that my staff and I can deliver.

Q: If you could give one tip to a rookie business owner, what would it be?

A: Embrace mistakes and turn them into a positive.

When you are just getting started it is very easy to get overwhelmed and to get down when things go wrong.

You just realize that every business has struggles no matter the size, just keep your head down and turn the mistakes into a positive any way that you can.

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