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updated: 7/17/2014 10:07 PM

Don't expect Ozzie Guillen to get his wish

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  • Ozzie Guillen could be a better manager the second time around in Chicago, but Mike North doesn't believe he'll ever get the chance to prove it.

    Ozzie Guillen could be a better manager the second time around in Chicago, but Mike North doesn't believe he'll ever get the chance to prove it.
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It was interesting to read the Sun-Times report that Ozzie Guillen would someday like to return to manage the Chicago White Sox.

From his perspective I can see why.

He had success here winning a World Series Championship in 2005, the first in 88 years with this club.

There are two different types of people who are let go, fired, forced out or harassed to leave their jobs: they are either the very good or the very bad.

When an employee is very good, the business sometimes decides you aren't worth the aggravation and it's time to go. At that point, the employee is usually thinking good riddance.

We just saw LeBron James go back to his former team -- the Cleveland Cavaliers. But we're talking LeBron James, and along with owner Dan Gilbert they decided they needed each other at this point. This situation is extremely rare.

I can almost guarantee Ozzie would do a better job the second time around with the White Sox if given a chance, but that probably won't happen unless business dictates it.

I also think Jerry Reinsdorf would be smart to consider it, but Reinsdorf's baseball people would probably oppose it, so it's highly unlikely Ozzie will be walking through that door anytime soon.

I think it's the same for most professions. Remember a business or organization usually replaces a Type A person like Guillen or Mike Ditka with someone who is the complete opposite. Look at Robin Ventura. We all know there was no way the Sox were going to hire another excitable guy.

I feel for Ozzie, and I understand where he's coming from. Will he get another chance to manage after his short stint with the Miami Marlins, or did his comments expressing admiration for Fidel Castro ruin any future chances he might have had?

There are plenty of baseball fans and people in general in every major league city who will find his infatuation with dictators offensive. Outrageousness made Ozzie Guillen, but his outrageousness also helped show him the door.

Some people are able to reinvent themselves, and Ozzie may be different now, but perceptions and old beliefs are hard to change.

It's not money that keeps Ozzie awake at night; it's wondering if he will ever manage again. He would probably manage the White Sox for free for the first year just to show people 2005 wasn't a fluke.

I believe his fear is he won't ever be given the opportunity again. He's not alone, and there are plenty of people who have been very successful who were never given the opportunity to display their skills again.

So here's to Ozzie Guillen. Unfortunately, I doubt you will ever be back, even though when you are sleeping you are better than the guy who replaced you.

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