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posted: 4/28/2014 5:30 AM

Variety is the key for community group workout and food choices

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  • Wayne Oates, a member of Elk Grove Village's Team Fit, participated in the Foodie 5K.

    Wayne Oates, a member of Elk Grove Village's Team Fit, participated in the Foodie 5K.

By Lisa Jones Townsel

Our 23 corporate and 13 park district teams can see the finish line, and they are cranking up their engines a bit further to bulldoze their way through to the end. While there are still challenges left to be conquered over the next few weeks of the Fittest Loser Community Challenge, these spirited teams are celebrating the triumphs they have gained along the way.

Way to go to Elk Grove Village, Team Fit that has kept the tempo upbeat and active this week. Member Wayne Oates completed a battery of strength training exercises, interval workouts and treadmill work in preparation for the Foodie 5K run. Not only did he complete it successfully, he beat his own personal best time.

Another member, Betty Berngard, threw passionate effort into a spinning class, where she felt the burn and enjoyed the music; that's in addition to her regular fitness routine that includes weight training, step classes and track runs.

Members say they are also getting better control of their diets.

"I'm eating and trying new things all the time," notes Berngard. "And I'm very calorie-conscious. I check labels on everything I buy, and I'm trying different vegetables and trying new ways to cook them. The main thing I'm keeping close attention to is the sodium."

And member Kim Holm reports that limiting carbs has been key.

"I have been having my usual oatmeal for breakfast," she says. "But the only other carbs I eat come from fruits and vegetables. I am experimenting with spaghetti squash, starting to eat more Greek yogurt, limiting red meat and finding alternate ways to cook fish."

Moraine Valley Community College members have been fiercely counting calories, paying closer attention to food choices and finding new joys and challenges in their fitness journey this week.

Some are discovering the benefits of Greek yogurt, while yet others are still looking for new ways to add more exercise to their busy schedules.

Nonetheless, they are all finding what works for them and trying hard to stay the course.

Prinova's Whey to Go team members are workout enthusiasts, taking on everything from zumba and kickboxing to running and weight training these days.

The nice weather has made way for even more outdoor activities, including biking.

Members survived weight training and cardio classes at the Biggest Loser Resort and raced in the Foodie 5K together.

Additionally, one member reports, "We are one 'Rocky' song away from one of our members hitting the 20-pound loss mark!"

Community teams are judged on the total amount of weight lost, as well as their participation in events and team spirit, based on online voting and Facebook participation.

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