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posted: 4/14/2014 5:01 AM

Obama doing what's best for country

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Hatred is an ugly thing. And when we read of the hundreds of hate groups in the U.S., we are terribly saddened. The bulk of them are directed toward our first African-American president. They wish he would just disappear. But they do not comprehend the damage they are doing to themselves and their country.

The GOP Congress has done everything it can to bring President Obama down -- even spending $1 billion trying to blame him for Benghazi with no success. Instead they will block any bill this president brings to Congress such as gun control, affordable health care (which first originated with Teddy Roosevelt), minimum wage increases and immigration reform. Every president since him has attempted to give the voters health care, and finally one brave man does it and the haters just can't let that happen. Of course they have their health care covered. If the Tea Party and the millionaires who support them have their way, this country will pay a terrible price. So we must pay attention to what is happening and get our heads out of the sand.

What country would the haters wish to change places with? Where is there another world leader or congressman who will state he is trying to do the right thing? President Obama stands alone.

The American people need to recognize the leaders who are working on their behalf instead of being self-serving and trying to destroy a good man.

Martha Tuohy

Arlington Heights

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