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Article posted: 4/11/2014 12:01 AM

More scrutiny for Kochs, Roskam

More scrutiny for Kochs, Roskam

Kathleen Parker's "un-American" Kochs undeserving ..." etc. recent column is so biased, it's frightening. First she states that no one likes the Koch brothers because they are rich. She neglected to mention what they stand for and in actuality perhaps they are not liked for their views, regardless of their bank accounts. A real reporter might actually take that into account.

One of the more serious reasons why they are not liked could just be that their views, which she carefully avoided giving us those facts, are so right of the "Tea Party agenda" that they make the "Tea Party" look like liberal democrats by comparison.

Peter Roskam was mentioned in an April 5 article. No, he is not "working to ensure" anything. Those issues, and possible solutions were on the table long before Mr. Roskam, once again sought some highlighted issue for a moment of fame. What about the investigation into his misuse of taxpayer money to go on unsanctioned vacations with his family? What about the fact that he barely got elected and should respect/serve all the other people in his constituency and listen to them. Instead he declared, erroneously, a huge election victory, when in fact he won by an amazingly small margin, considering his hometown tends toward a strong Republican support base, and the challenger was an outsider of the opposite party. He claims he works across the aisle, but the only serious observation of that is when he needs to leave from a different door. He's so extremely polarized, at a time when we need to pull together as a country.

Perhaps he and Kathleen could start their own party of two and leave the rest of us voters alone to think through serious issues.

Isola Metz


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