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Girls soccer / Scouting Lake County

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By Rusty Silber
Daily Herald Correspondent



Coach: Michael Castronova (third year)

Last season: 9-7-3, lost to Barrington in Class 3A regional final

Top players lost: Vanesa Abad (Ohio State), Grace Eisenhuth, Maddie Gelinas, Courtney Kehrmann (Lake Forest), Tara Kennedy, Katie McCullough, Sarah Zaccarine (Lawrence), Stacey Wilton

Top returning players: Meaghan Gelinas Sr. MF, Jordan Jackson Sr. F, Kaitlyn McCurley Sr. D (Ohio University), Claire Skowron Sr. MF, Meagan Bens Jr. D, Blair Coughenour Jr. MF, Eleanor Daleske Jr. GK, Molly Powers Jr. F, Nicole Rasiarmos Jr. F, Maggie Tuckey Jr. D, Madeline Blasko Soph. MF

Newcomers: Katie Fabbrini Jr. MF, Carolyn Radecki Jr. F, Danielle Ufheil Jr. MF

Other notable players: Alison Heinrich Sr. D, Julia Kuhn Sr. D, Allie Thompson Sr. D, Lexi Miranda Jr. D, Molly Powers Jr. F, Devon Kennedy So. MF

Outlook: The Bears can expect leadership from Daily Herald all-area player Meaghan Gelinas as well as keeper Eleanor Daleske, Kaitlyn McCurley and Maggie Tuckey. "We have the potential to have a really good season if our players work hard and come together as a team," coach Michael Castronova said. "Throughout the season, our team has many opportunities to be successful. Our main goal is to be playing our best at the end of the season going into the state tournament."


Coach: Andy Bitta (first year, 19th overall)

Last season: 12-8, lost to Mundelein Class 3A regional semifinal

Top players lost: Jordan Bauer, Greta Gustafson, Gen Kapecki, Kat Keefe, Sam Marsh, Katie McAuliffe, Elaine Sundberg, Jessie White

Top returning players: Steffi Bauer Sr. D, Krista Erlandson Sr. GK, Kathleen Graham Sr. MF/F, Mia Hollingsworth Jr. F, Kristin Kinast Sr. D, Sydney Mudd Sr. MF, Cecilia Serb Sr. D, Shelly Schick Sr. F, Lauryn Such Sr. MF, Ali Urbanski Sr. MF, Emily Boyd Jr. MF. Izzie Griffith Jr. D, Ellie Daugerdas So. D, Annie Thompson So. F

Newcomers: Alli Brucato Jr. D, Lexi Frankie Jr. F, Laura Janousek Jr. GK, Abbey Peters Jr. D, Sabie Ramirez Jr. F, Julia Neiweem So. D, Danielle Pacholski So. MF, Emily Blackwell Fr. F

Other notable players: Jessica Van Roeyen Sr. MF

Outlook: Hall-of-fame coach Andy Bitta takes over from Scott Schinto, who coached 14 years. Bitta said he expects his Wildcats will make a good run. "It's going to take awhile to get them playing together with a new offensive and defensive system," Bitta said.


Coach: Ernie Billittier (third year)

Last season: 13-4-3, lost to Buffalo Grove in Class 3A regional final

Top players lost: Brooke Dennis (Ball State), Connie Dimmick, Emily Hagen, Stephanie Johnson, McKenna Joy, Gaby Miranda (Carroll University), Valentina Moyao, Haley Talbot, Michaela Valin

Top returning players: Kaila Cancelli Sr. F, Cristy Nambo Jr MF, Megan Carroll Jr. D, Shannon Carroll Jr. F, Jessica Schultz Jr. D, Michele Chernesky Jr. MF, Kelly Grove So MF

Newcomers: Emily Ollendick Fr. MF

Other notable players: Jasmine Ader Sr. F, Beth Grotekuescher Jr. D, Jessica Schultz Jr. D, Raena Bennett So. D, Alexis Malka So. MF, Ashley Nensel So. GK, Adriana Salse So. MF.

Outlook: Skilled forward Kaila Cancelli, a Daily Herald all-area player last season, will be a key player again and will be counted on for more than just goals. "We expect our players to be committed to a team-first approach every season and to be prepared to work hard," coach Ernie Billittier said. "Our returning players need to use their experience to lead our team and approach each opportunity with enthusiasm. Our goals are to grow as individuals, as a team and as a program, and the only thing to do is work hard during that process."


Coach: Kevin Heffernan (first year)

Last season: 7-6-5 lost to Hersey Class 3A regional final

Top players lost: Cori Calcaterra, Anne Geocaris, Morgan Meyer, Ali Olson, Alise Tokars, Jenna Weiner (Miami of Ohio)

Top returning players: Erin Bailey Sr. D, Carolyn Briggs Sr. D, Hailey Green Sr. D, Blake Klinsky Sr. F, Megan Petrick Sr. MF, Sara Putwen Sr. MF, Lily Zhang Sr. D, Rachel Blumenthal Jr. D, Kya Suzuki Jr. MF, Savannah Kruse So. MF

Newcomers: Katy Karabetsos Sr. MF, Charity Shaw Fr. D

Other notable players: Maddy Boutros Sr. GK, Sophia Godoy Sr. GK, Nicole Glait Sr. D, Kyra Kirsch Jr. MF, Ali Tarnoff Jr. F, Courtney Bruckman So. D, McKenzie Connington So. MF, Emma Jaeger So. MF, Taylor Spula So. MF, Maddie Vrtacnik So. MF

Outlook: Former assistant Kevin Heffernan takes over as head coach, replacing Mark Schartner, who's coaching the school's new Unified Soccer Team for special-needs students. Heffernan has been coaching boys and girls for 26 years. There are 16 returning players. "We hope to be competitive in the North Suburban Lake this year," Heffernan said. "This year's team is a great mix of seasoned veterans and talented younger players. This group is very competitive in practice, which we hope to see transferred into games."


Coach: Ryan McCabe (third year)

Last season: 10-9-3, lost to Glenbrook South Class 3A regional semifinal

Top players lost: Courtni France, Ellie Gallo, Rachel Huber, Taylor Jamil (Kenyon College), Paige Jespersen, Kelsey Schwab (Concordia), Stephanie Schwab, Savannah Slater, Alexis Vrabel

Top returning players: McKenna Hofflander Sr. MF, Kristen Huard Sr. MF, Haylee Parker Sr. D, Daria Szczpanek Sr. D, Liz Carrano Jr GK, Alex Strothers Jr. D

Newcomers: Valentina Rodriguez So. MF, Kaitlyn Chomko Fr. MF, Lindsey Hardiman Fr. MF, Alliyah Parker Fr. F, Alissa Ramsden Fr. D, Natalee Slater Fr. D

Other notable players: Madeline Brenner Sr. MF, Jordan Reilly Sr. MF, Katherine Schwede Sr. D, Hayden Yunker Sr. D, Hannah Sislow Jr. D, Abigail Vrabel Jr. MF, Julian Hansen So. D, Emily Jahn So. F

Outlook: The Blue Devils look to improve after finishing a game above the .500 mark last season. Daily Herald all-area player Alex Strothers returns to play a key defensive role. "As a team, these girls are fundamentally sound, and because of that, we will be able to play at a high level," coach Ryan McCabe said. "We want to score a lot of goals and concede as few as possible. We would also like to win the (Class) 3A state championship. Doesn't everyone?"



Coach: Marni Polakow (third year)

Last season: 10-9-1, lost to Lake Forest Class 2A regional final

Top players lost: Megan Borries, Danielle Koch, Abbi McIlhany, Shannon Rieke

Top returning players: Alex Fracek Sr. MF, Mikayla Abbeduto Jr. MF/F, Haley Capek Jr. MF, Haley Capak So. D/MF

Newcomers: Tessa Furlong Fr. MF/F, Megan Helgesen Fr. MF, Christina Michaels Fr. D

Other notable players: Hannah Bohn Sr. D/MF, Amanda Cleven Sr/MF, Sinclair Guntharp Sr. MF, Kristen Kelly Sr. D/MF, Kaki Pope Sr. MF/F, Zoe Zeien Sr. D, Devin Kappie Jr. D, Domo Nelson Jr. GK, Maria Pena Jr. MF/F, Melanie Sefraniec Jr. GK, Lauren Slack So. D/MF, Kayla Vazquez So. D

Outlook: Antioch has high expectations. Among their leaders are returning Daily Herald all-area midfielder Alex Fracek. "I expect them to work hard everyday," coach Marni Polakow said. "I want to be competitive in every game. Some goals we have this year are to be competitive with the best teams in our conference and to compete for a regional championship."


Coach: Michael Kennedy (ninth year)

Last season: 8-9, lost to Lake Zurich Class 3A regional semifinal

Top players lost: Haley Dierks (moved to Ireland), Sophie Finerty, Vanessa Foreman, Mallory Gizowski, Felicia Menon, Kyra Schmidt

Top returning players: Alyssa Wilhelm Sr. F, Marissa Allen Jr. F, Leah Nehila Jr. D (Wisc-Lacrosse), Jenna Pecorini Jr. MF/F, Ana Rodas Sr. GK

Newcomers: Brianne Barnes Fr. MF, Sophia Richards Fr. MF, Adriana Velarde Fr. MF, Meghan Murray Fr. MF, Madelynn Westoff Fr. MF

Other notable players: Nina Deligio Sr. F, Danielle Frazer Sr. MF, Julie Peterson Sr. D, Carissa Brown Jr. MF, Brett Aichholzer So. D, Lexi Gerdes So. MF, Sarah Ramirez So. F, Kelli Varney So. D

Outlook: The Bulldogs boast sweeper Leah Nahila, Daily Herald all-area midfielder Jenna Pecorini and talented forward Marissa Allen. "We have a trio of players that have been starters since Day One," coach Michael Kennedy said. "We should have a 1-2 combo up front. It's really a nice mix of having all three of them. We also have a number of players that will mix in and complement the experienced players."


Coach: Kevin Kullby (ninth year)

Last season: 9-10-1, lost to Grayslake Central Class 2A regional final

Top players lost: Mickaela Brown, Hannah Jewell, Nicole Mogged, Haley Simpson, Megan Soderlund

Top returning players: Jessica Cipolla Sr. MF, Nicole D'Ambrose Jr. F, Cara Jones Jr. GK, Brianna Rosales Jr. MF, Maya Schmitt Jr. MF

Newcomers: Hannah Dexheimer Fr. D, Alessandra Nitti Fr. D, Isabella Pighini Isabella Quaranta Fr. F, Lindsay Smith Fr. D

Other notable players: Kimberly Messmer Sr. D, Daniela Richter Sr. MF, Alyssa Brey Jr, D, Emma Boehm Jr. MF, Nicole Denman Jr. D, Caitlin Farrell Jr. MF, Gretchen Metzgr Jr. MF, Allison Vancrey Jr. MF, Jenna Binkley So. D, Teresa Cipolla So. MF, Ellie Haviland So. D, Morgan Timmerman So. MF

Outlook: The Eagles have several players back with experience on their side. "My hope is we can eke out a winning season," coach Kevin Kullby said. "We want to compete for the division title and a regional title. Obviously, we need to score goals. Hopefully, we will get more goals. The team has a lot of juniors that have varsity experience. Hopefully this will lead to more wins."


Coach: Andres Orbe (fifth year)

Last season: 4-13, lost to Barrington Class 3A regional semifinal

Top players lost: Edith Barrientos, Shawna Edens, Morgin Evins (Clarke University), Danielle Herdman, Evelyn Hernandez, Naomi Kalume, Bianca Mahoney, Kiersten Perez, Erika Quevedo, Elizabeth Salgado

Top returning players: Dania Barrientos Sr. D, Stephanie Figueroa Sr. MF, Araceli Juarez Sr. MF, Sarahi Maravilla Sr. D, Melissa Mejia Sr. MF, Izzy Rodriguez Sr. MF, Daisy Torres Sr. D. Karen Uribe Sr. D, Brenda Barros Jr. D, Jordan Devera So. GK

Newcomers: Jasmine Cruz Fr. MF

Other notable players: Michelle Aguilar Sr. MF, Ana Aldana Sr. D, Celeste Hernandez Sr. D, Jennifer Lopez Sr. F, Stephanie Tellez Sr. MF, Edna Torres Sr. D, Isabella Trujillo Sr. MF, Katie Berdenis Jr. D, Veronica Chavez Jr. MF, Jennifer Garcia Jr. GK, Ana Rodriguez Jr. F, Jasmine Sandoval Jr. F, Evelyn Torres Jr. M, Michelle Hernandez So. F, Yuri Villa So. MF

Outlook: The Panthers hope to win with a blend of youth and experience. "The team has improved both technically and physically. The girls are faster, stronger and more skilled than any Round Lake team in the past," coach Andres Orbe said. "Our objective is to break our season win record and be in contention for the Prairie Division championship. With the talent base and chemistry this team has, I hope we take advantage of all of our opportunities and put ourselves in a position to win games week in and week out."


Coach: Vince DeLuca (11th year)

Last season: 10-5-2, lost to St. Viator Class 2A regional final

Top players lost: Brie Bahlmann (Appalachian State)

Top returning players: Amy Andrea Jr. D, Ashley Favia Jr. D, Kaitlin Gramins Jr. MF/F, Kristen Guglielmi Jr. MF, Erin VanDemerkt So. MF

Newcomers: Rebecca Bahlmann Fr. D, Samantha Biede Fr. D, Alexis Harte Fr. F, Emma Pappano Fr. D, Ally Ripes Fr. MF, Rena Roos Fr. MF

Other notable players: Natalina Mariduena Sr. D, Kelsey Seal Sr. F, Katherine Brettman Sr. F. Kelly Hall Jr. MF, Haley Lieberman Jr. MF, Natalie Orozco Jr. F, Sydney Resnick Jr. GK

Outlook: The Cougars lost some talented players but return with a number of girls eager to take their places. "We have a strong nucleus of kids returning this year and aded some younger ones," coach Vince DeLuca said. "Hopefully we learn to gel and become cohesive sooner rather than later. If we do, we can be pretty competitive in all our games. All these players work hard, and it is going to be a fun year coaching them."


Coach: Patrick Heckmann (third year)

Last season: 2-10, lost to Lake Forest Class 2A regional semifinal

Top players lost: Kendra Ballard, Kimmy Bower, Nicollette Jenkins, Krystal Morris, Haley Proszek, Megan Stepanek

Top returning players: Alyssa Stepanian Sr. D, Diana Guzik Jr. F, Jackie Lung Jr. MF, Brittany Stepanian So. D, Kira Ziolkowski So. MF

Newcomers: Ally Megiera So. GK, Marissa Miller So. D, Aimee Berg Fr. D, Emma Lewandowski Fr. MF, Erica Miller Fr. MF, Natalie Thompson Fr. MF, Brianna Varges Fr. F

Other notable players: Lauren Mantas Sr. D, Madi Granata Sr. MF, Maddie Maze Jr. MF, Natalie Harding Jr. D, Bree Brzostowski Jr. MF

Outlook: The Bulldogs have only three seniors and will not play a home game this season. But coach Patrick Heckman has high hopes. "I expect the team to earn a better season record than last year," Heckmann said. "I also expect the girls will learn a lot, and if they learn quickly enough we could have a successful season." The Bulldogs will be on the road all spring, as artifcial turf is installed in their stadium.



Coach: John Halloran (11th year)

Last season: 19-2, lost to Hersey Class 3A sectional semifinal

Top players lost: Maggie Avampato, Jenna Bauer, Elizabeth Bream, Bri Carlson, Annie DiVenere, Colleen Foley, Meegan Johnston (Marquette), Katie Larson (Nebraska-Omaha), Claire Ogrinc

Top returning players: Sarah Bowles Sr. D, Jenn Capparelli Sr. MF, Emily Helle Sr. MF, Leah Lach Sr. D, Sadie Jung Sr. MF, Katie Sandecki Sr. D, Kayla Handel Jr. D, Erin Johnston So. MF

Newcomers: Mackenzie Burns Sr. GK, Jenny Doyle Jr. MF, Caitlin Newell Jr. F, MacKenzie Sheehan Jr. MF, Maddie Lombardo So. F, Kristi Chernesky Fr. MF, Angela Salvi Fr. MF

Other notable players: Emma Kobitter Jr. D, Nicole Mouzakiotis Jr. MF, Mary Beth Murphy Jr. MF, Tina O'Block So. GK, Rachel Bierman Fr. GK

Outlook: The Corsairs lost a number of good players to graduation, but they still have numerous players ready to take their spots. Sadie Jung, a returning Daily Herald all-area player, will be one of their leaders. "We have a solid core returning from our regional and conference championship team last year that knows what it takes to win championships," coach John Halloran said. "I expect us to be competitive for both titles again this spring."



Coach: Bethany Russ (first year)

Last season: 11-6-2, lost to Lake Forest Class 2A sectional semifinal

Top players lost: Kajal Chokski, Jordan Larson, Savannah Mudd, Mikala Wollmuth, Rebecca Wollmuth, Sabrina Wollmuth

Top returning players: Erin Boban Sr. MF, Rachel Effa Jr. GK, Karleen Gomez Jr. MF, Anna Sizelove Jr. D/MF, Lauren Spalding Jr, D/MF

Newcomers: Callie Calamia Sr. MF/F, Aly Hamrick Fr. D/MF. Stephanie Madrid Fr. MF, Joslynn Smith Fr. MF/F

Other notable players: Carson Sparkman Sr. MF/F, Maggie Wehde Sr. MF/F, Jenny Biondo Jr. D/MF, Cara Fontana Jr. D, Emily Werfel Jr. MF/F, Quin Garbett So. MF/F, Kayley Larson Jr. MF/F, Lura Quandt So. D/MF. Kaitlin Wilson Jr. MF/F

Outlook: Bethany Russ takes over as head coach after Mike McCaulou left to coach Vernon Hills' boys soccer team. Russ has experience both as a player and coach. The 2004 Grayslake graduate played four years on the varsity team and then four years at Ilinois State University. Russ has been coaching five years as an assistant. She takes over a team that had a winning record last year and expects to make a good run. "The returnees bring great experience to the field, while the new players add a bit of a spark," Russ said. "One of our goals this year is for players to constantly challenge and support one another. The girls have been working incredibly hard in training. We're excited to see this transfer to the game."


Coach: Adam DeCaluwe (eighth year)

Last season: 8-8-1, lost to Deerfield Class 2A regional final

Top players lost: Jaclyn Brennan, Kelly Casey, Bridget O'Gorman

Top returning players: Lindsey Allen Sr. MF, Kendall Detweiller Sr. MF, Kelly Meyer Sr. MF, Chelsea Olson Sr. MF, Megan Davis Jr. GK, Maggie Fish Jr. MF, Kayla Hartigan Jr. D, Teagan Johnson Jr. F, Kendall Buchman So. MF, Ashleigh Hansen So. D, Sarah Myers So. MF, Abby Rice So. GK

Newcomers: Meghan McCue So. MF, Kelly O'Brien So. MF, Morgan Lyon Fr. D, Sydney Paez Fr. MF

Outlook: The Knights return a unit that is ready to take steps to the next level. Daily Herald all-area player Chelsea Olson will lead the way. "This season we're looking to continue to build upon the progress we made last season with a pretty new roster," coach Adam DeCaluwe said. "We have four new players to the group, and all four bring quality and depth to a roster with a good amount of experience and versatility. We look forward to continuing to play good soccer with patience and purpose in our possessions and show discipline and teamwork defensively."

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