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posted: 2/25/2014 12:01 AM

Find solutions instead of shouting

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Find solutions instead of shouting

I have often been forced to defend Obamacare because it tries to do the right thing. Specifically, it requires insurance companies to cover everyone fairly, such as people with pre-existing conditions.

The old system didn't do that and it was horrible. But somehow, the conversation about how to build an effective health insurance system has devolved into shouting.

I am stunned to learn that people are going to quit their jobs because it is supposedly cheaper to buy insurance on the open market than getting it through their employer.

That makes no sense to me. Are you saying that someone might be better off quitting a job (from which you either get insurance provided or use a portion of your income to purchase) to get discounted insurance on the open market and then paying for it with income you no longer have?

Obamacare has not been implemented very well. There are problems to be worked out, but quitting your job to buy cheaper insurance? Makes no sense. How do you pay even a subsidized insurance bill if you have no income?

Let's stop with the knee-jerk reactions and the irrelevant but emotional grenades and really figure out how to make things work. I hope most Americans don't care if the Democrats or Republicans "win" as long as in the end, the system is fair and works. That means our leaders have to work on the details and figure out how to make things work instead of spouting generalizations and sitting back to watch the feeding frenzy. And we, the public, need to stop falling for distractions and force our leaders to work on solutions. Everyone in an elected office should be representing everyone in their districts, not just the people that contributed to their campaigns.

Pete Hybert


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