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posted: 2/12/2014 5:39 AM

We need some honest answers

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We need some honest answers

Just when you might think President Obama has come up with all the outrageous and false comments possible, he calls all the recent scandals in his administration "Phony." Really, Mr. President?

Websters dictionary says "phony" means false, counterfeit, not real, and not genuine. So according to you, Benghazi didn't happen and four people didn't die, including our ambassador. Just because you wished it hadn't happen doesn't make it so. It did, and you have been ducking questions about it ever since. It would be nice if somebody would level with us once in a while. Or perhaps you feel like Hillary Clinton does: "What difference does it make?"

It also means the IRS scandal didn't happen, although you stood on the podium and told us how terrible it was and you were going to get to the bottom of it. That was the last we heard from you. You seem to run from all the tough issues. The very fact that Lois Learner, the IRS deputy took the 5th amendment should ring some bells with you, but of course it's all phony isn't it.?

And now we know that almost all of our phone calls, emails and any electronic communication we use can, and probably are being tapped into by the NSA.

President Obama, you don't seem to think this is serious, but all of this violates what we believe in, and it is far from "phony." The culture of lying continued when your director of the national intelligence agency was asked if they ever searched private accounts, and he said never. Completely false.

It would sure be nice to hear some honest, straightforward answers as part of your leadership, and not constant, evasive and deceptive manipulation in most of your messages.

Roger Dauchy


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