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Various fruits sliced up and placed on top of a light box.

Viveca Joy Skyles of Lakemoor

A diver cleans the aquarium tank at Monterey Bay Aquarium last August. The aquariums are filled with fresh seawater that is continuously pumped in.

Fred Gruber of Streamwood

Chicago Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford freezes the puck against the post in the January 17th game against Anaheim at the United Center.

John Wysocki of Mount Prospect

A horse stands in the freshly fallen snow, next to his red barn in rural Apex, North Carolina on January 29th.

Marty Krogh of Ingleside

Several giraffes seem to sense that something is amiss as they stay absolutely motionless and focused in the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area in Tanzania, Africa.

Phyllis Wharton of Palatine

As I was trimming some newspaper pages to save, a curled strip fell on the countertop into the shape of a heart. It's always a pleasant surprise finding artistic inspiration when I least expect it.

Jean K. Brown of Elgin

I took the picture of this heron in flight while at the Sabin National Wildlife Refuge on the gulf coast of Louisiana in April of 2010. The following week the disastrous platform fire and oil spill started. I hope these animals all survived.

Milton Hoskins of Hampshire

A diver swims at a depth of 130 feet in the Blue Hole in Belize on January 3rd.

Jeanette Potter of Lake Zurich

This photo is of the Coronado bridge in San Diego, CA. It was taken while on a cruise of the bay.

Kate Gilligan of Algonquin

I took this photo through the tree in my back yard, I had gotten home late and I didn't want to pass up the opportunity for the photo.

Dan Mikos of Wood Dale

All my friends in the Western suburbs have seen coyotes. I had never seen one until a recent trip to Morton Arboretum. I came around a corner and there he was sitting in the grass about twenty feet from my car.

Todd A. Sherlock of Downers Grove

I went down to Washington Illinois the day after the Tornado and spent the day photographing the devastation and carnage left behind. I was confined to a parking lot that bordered the subdivision that was destroyed. From my vantage point I saw someone inside the bed room of what was left of this house looking at what seemed to be a photo or something of value that hadnīt been destroyed.

David Neesley of Naperville

Gallery posted: 2/7/2014 12:40 AM

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