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A buck stands covered in snow in an Ingleside backyard on January 1st.

Marty Krogh of Ingleside

Don't let the snow scare you from enjoying the outside. I took this of my daughter cross country skiing at the Morton Arboretum.

Bonnie Graham of Lombard

A grasshopper peers behind a blade of grass near a pond at William Rainey Harper College last September.

Grace Tureck of Barrington

Icicles form on the edges of several leaves in Volo Bog State Natural Area last month.

Viveca Joy Skyles of Lakemoor

This Eagle just caught breakfast out of the cold Fox River.

Bob Williams of Huntley

The dawn sunlight reflects off a not-yet-frozen Lake Farmington in Kildeer and the accumulated snow and ice on the cattails at water's edge after a snowfall.

Steve Parmelee of Kildeer

This is a photo of snow pellets, or graupel, raining down in my backyard. Sometimes the supercooled water droplets will hit a falling snowflake and freeze as tiny pellets to the snowflake, giving the appearance of a rime-coated snowflake. This is one such snowflake on the leaf of a boxwood plant.

Dori Eldridge of Naperville

This was taken in the neighborhood park in the Terrace Hills subdivision in Algonquin in June of last year.

Jane McDonough of Algonquin

This photo was taken off the coast of Sorrento, Italy in November. The seas were perfect as the sun set.

Mary Bahry of Wheaton

A giraffe stares down at tourists three years ago in Kenya, Africa as he munched on some dry grass.

Jeanne Garrett of Arlington Heights

Several orchids produce an interesting array of shadows in the indoor gardens at the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe last month.

Deb Marak of Arlington Heights

Waiting for at turn at the feeder on New Year's Day.

Joanne Buckley of Geneva

Gallery posted: 1/10/2014 12:05 AM

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Each week you submit your favorite photo. We pick the best of the bunch and select 12 finalists. Here are the finalists for the week of January, 6th.
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