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posted: 11/9/2013 5:00 AM

Treat others with respect, Tea Party

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I read Sara Schmidt's Oct. 28 letter with interest. Having negative thoughts myself regarding the Tea Party, her advice about getting to know a Tea Partyer is a good one. Perhaps we could have a "Take a Tea Partyer to Lunch" day. If that could be arranged, I'm in. But until then, I'd like to address:

• Lower taxes -- count me in. If our property taxes get much higher, we'll have to move. And, I think the taxes I have to pay on my Social Security and IRA distributions are unfair.

• Smaller government -- count me in on this one too. The problem is, where do we cut? To know that, we first must understand what each entity in each department does. I'd be for appointing small groups of folks to look into these entities with the idea of recommending keeping, eliminating or combining into a less expensive, more efficient entity.

• Free market economy. By definition, it is an economy free of taxes, subsidies and regulation. I would be very fearful of eliminating regulation on so many levels. For instance: no FDA to regulate the manufacturing, dispensing and use of medicines; no USDA inspectors to reject tainted meats; allowing Wall Street to create another devastating recession. And where would the money come from with no taxes?

Perhaps the Tea Party would have more respect if its representatives in Congress didn't act like a gang of spoiled brats who earned the approval of the folks back home by figuratively lying on the floor, having a collective tantrum and refusing to place the good of the country ahead of their visions of the next primary.

If the Tea Party wants to be treated with respect, then it must be respectful of others and leave the snotty-nosed kids at home.

Len Brauer


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