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posted: 10/11/2013 5:00 AM

Feds right to shut down Silk Road

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A lot of hullabaloo's been made over the Silk Road's recent shutdown, and I can't believe how many people support the site.

Their arguments typically involve how it fulfills libertarian ideals and eliminated dangers of face-to-face selling. But, how could one forget how violent the drug trade is behind the face? And just because you get your MDMA from a username on the Internet and not from a dealer on the corner doesn't mean the transaction is any more legal.

There's also the issue of Dread Pirate Roberts, or Ross Ulbricht, the founder. He is accused of hiring two hits. He's a yuppie drug kingpin that's as dangerous as any other. And I can't believe people are publicly supporting getting drugs!

I wonder if they sell Centrifugal Bumble-Puppies there, too.

There's also an argument for the site that stems from the fact that the government shut down the site- it compromises privacy and tor, and I even saw an argument that this should've been in the DEA's jurisdiction, not the NSA's or FBI's, which are just looking for excuses to control the deepnet.

It's insane to call this a breach of any rights or jurisdictions. They shut down a huge drug market. I, for one, think they should receive praise for getting things done besides listening to phone calls and reading their significant others' emails.

This shutdown is good for the deepweb, bitcoins, and society in general because the privacy of the network was preserved, but a harbor of crime and bringer of bad taste to privacy services is gone.

Maybe they can continue this trend by taking down hitmen, child pornography, and illegal firearm hidden sites, spending less time with their share everything plan with the nation's service providers.

Laws would be followed, bitcoins would be viable, legal libertarian marketplaces would thrive.

Raphael Rouvinov


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