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After walking through the corn teepee, Zachary Jackson takes a peek back inside to look for his mommy on Friday, September 13th, at Norton Farm in St. Charles.

Doris Krandel of Palatine

This photo was taken at the Chicago Botanic Garden, but could have been taken almost anywhere. I really liked the contrast between the autumn leaf and the path.

Marc Moxon of Woodstock

The crowd reacts in astonishment and amazement as the horse rears on his hind legs at the Tempel Lipizzans show in Old Mill Creek on September 8th.

Perry Downs of Wildwood

A male cardinal gives food to the female and it looks like they are kissing "lips to lips" in Wheeling on May 9th.

Juno Ilagan of Wheeling

Sitting on our deck at night, my son blew these bubbles. I grabbed my camera to capture these beautiful orbs floating into the evening sky.

Shirley Nichol of St. Charles

Rich Maisel's hand is gently embraced by Henry, the green iguana, and his formidable biceps and razor-sharp claws at their home in Mettawa.

Rich Maisel of Mettawa

A brilliant sunset shines over the football game between Leyden and Addison Trail on September 20th in Addison.

Stacey Schuster of Rosemont

While on a trip to Cantigny Gardens in Wheaton, I was drawn to this beautiful patch of Fountain Grass because of its graceful curves and interesting texture.

Mike Weimer of St. Charles

A drum major leads the Lakes High School Eagles marching band during a game on Friday, September 20th.

Mike Pal of Lake Villa

Here's a moth, shown sucking nectar from a flower. I took this photo in my backyard. The complete name of the moth is the white lined sphinx moth.

Tom Leimbach of Wheaton

This is a harvest moon I took on I-88 in Naperville.

David Neesley of Naperville

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I found this Praying Mantis on our window looking at itself! It was moving its legs up and down and moving its body back and forth while watching its image do the same!

Eugene Bordelon of Warrenville

Gallery posted: 9/27/2013 12:57 AM

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Each week you submit your favorite photo. We pick the best of the bunch and select 12 finlaists. Here are the finalists for the week of September 23rd.
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