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posted: 9/9/2013 5:00 AM

Obama spoke too soon without thinking

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I believe Mr. Obama is a day late and a dollar short in wanting to take action in regards to the Syrian civil war. How does taking some sort of action help the United States? He waits two years to do something. Per reports, 100,000 people have already died. I guess because they were killed by some means other than poison gas there was no reason to get involved. He is more concerned about people dying in Syria than in Chicago.

Also, who are the rebel forces? Will they be an ally to the United States if they win or just another group who hates us? Mr. Obama opened his big mouth and drew a red line in the sand without first being sure our allies would back him up. Now he has to put up or shut up. Because he is too scared to make a decision on his own he goes to Congress for approval so when it blows up in his face he can say Congress said it was OK, it's their fault. I guess Mr. Obama never heard the expression "think before you speak."

Richard Statz


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