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updated: 9/5/2013 7:27 PM

Trestman ready to deal when Cutler loses it

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  • Associated Press File PhotoNew coach Marc Trestman said he expects Jay Cutler to get hot on the sidelines but he has a strategy to deal with it.

    Associated Press File PhotoNew coach Marc Trestman said he expects Jay Cutler to get hot on the sidelines but he has a strategy to deal with it.


In his four previous years as a Bear, quarterback Jay Cutler has dropped an F-bomb on one offensive coordinator (Mike Martz), walked away from another offensive coordinator (Mike Tice) and reamed out and pushed an offensive lineman (J'Marcus Webb).

New coach Marc Trestman expects similar situations, but it sounds like any sideline arguments involving Cutler will be one-sided.

"I think there's going to be moments like that," Trestman said. "That's just part of who he is, and I'm not going to take that away from him. From my standpoint, I don't think you're going to see somebody firing back. I'm going to let him wear himself out, get it off his chest, (and then) tell him to go back and play the next play."

Trestman chalks up such outbursts from Cutler and any other player as normal reactions in the heat of battle.

"I know that when a player gets that way, that's not really who he is," the coach said. "It's an emotional game, and guys are going to lose it for a minute. The most important thing is to move on to the next situation. That's what I hope to do; just be there to help him get on to the next play, the next quarter, the next game, whatever it might be. That's part of my job to help him do that."

Trestman said he has yet to see the fiery side of Cutler.

"He's appeared to be even-keeled throughout," Trestman said. "We really won't know until some adversity hits. He's a fiery guy, and I think people know that. He's a very competitive, tough man and tough player, so I expect some of that to come out as we move along. I think he's been very even-keeled as far as his preparation, work ethic and determination to learn and get things done from his position standpoint."

Getting it straight:

After Julius Peppers said he concerns himself with his own game and doesn't pay attention to what the Bengals or other opponents do, coach Marc Trestman provided clarification.

"We certainly respect the team we're playing and know there are good players on both sides of the ball -- I know that Julius was saying that," Trestman said. "But the way the systems are put together, it's responsive to what they see. That's the way it is on both sides of the ball.

"That enabled us to practice against each other throughout the day and not be so concerned about working off of cards (the opponent's plays). We do some, but we don't do a lot. In specific situations we do. But we have systems in which we can run our plays and how they respond, we have to react to (that). It's more game-like (atmosphere). I know that's where he was going."

Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker explained the philosophy even further.

"We really do harp on execution and doing your job," Tucker said. "Every week, every team has firepower and good players. It's a lot about what we do and, at the end of the day, you've got to able to win one-on-one."

Playing it safe:

Devin Hester had 2 preseason punt returns for a total of 2 yards and 3 kickoff returns for 92 yards (30.7-yard average). Is that enough to get him ready for the regular season?

"That's a slippery slope," special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis said. "Because if you put him out there, and he gets hurt, then you're a pinhead, right? So you've got to make sure that he gets the right amount of work. Practice was a huge emphasis for us, getting as many catches as we could and trying to get the looks he's going to get in the game."

Air freshener:

The 57-yard field-goal attempt that Robbie Gould missed vs. the Browns spoiled what had been a 10-for-10 preseason.

"He's a pro," special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis said. "He's a piece of work to be around. He's really a breath of fresh air. I like being around him. They're all different kinds of personalities, and he's got one, that's for sure."

The confident Gould is the fourth-most-accurate FG kicker in NFL history, having connected on 208 of 243 attempts.

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