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Article posted: 7/24/2013 5:00 AM

Religious dogma has no place today

I find it strange what lengths some will go to in order to promulgate their prejudices. Take for example the letter by James Dubinski ("It's not marriage if it's same-sex," July 17). Mr. Dubinski, like every other anti-gay mouthpiece, gives absolutely no reasonable, legal or social reason as to why we should, as a society, continue to discriminate against same-sex couples. Reasonable citizens, as well as every court that has heard these arguments, know that this is because no reasonable, legal, or social reasons exist. Instead, Mr. Dubinski relies on his religion.

But a closer examination of that religion reveals that, in his first sentence no less, he violates at least one of the Seven Deadly Sins: that of pride. With the same condemning eye that he views homosexuals, he casts his damning glance to our governor. "Judge not, lest you be judged," Mr. Dubinski!

God gave each of us a conscience to bear witness to ourselves. Or are we just ignoring all of God's words that don't conveniently fit our world view?

Mr. Dubinski, I must ask: Is interracial marriage a sin, too. Or has that time finally passed? What about slavery? Are all the biblical rules and regulations' concerning slavery still valid? How about all the misogyny in the Bible? Do you actually believe that your wife and daughters are your property? And where in the Bible does it say it is the righteous man who wields his Bible as a weapon to be used against minorities who've done absolutely nothing to impede your religious practice? May your dogma follow in the path of the dinosaurs.

Stephen P. Beisiegel


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