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posted: 7/15/2013 1:00 AM

Have you red the latest?

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  • SH13F189HOMESTYLE July 1, 2013 -- Folks are feeling bolder and taking bigger risks in decorating. As they do, red is shooting up the popularity charts. (SHNS photo courtesy Nell Hill's) (Newscom TagID: shnsphotos147005.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

    SH13F189HOMESTYLE July 1, 2013 -- Folks are feeling bolder and taking bigger risks in decorating. As they do, red is shooting up the popularity charts. (SHNS photo courtesy Nell Hill's) (Newscom TagID: shnsphotos147005.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

By Mary Carol Garrity
Scripps Howard News Service

Packed full of energy and excitement, the color red is sneaking back into vogue in interior design. For years, people shied away from this arresting color, opting instead for safe, soothing grays, tans and creams. But now folks are feeling bolder and taking bigger risks in their decorating. And as they do, red is shooting up the popularity charts.

We're having a blast at Nell Hill's zipping up people's spaces with spunky shots of red. Want to join the fun and add this striking color to your dcor? The key to success when decorating with a statement color as striking as red is to pick a few key places to let it shine. Here are my top seven spots to add a pop of red in your home's interior:

1. Paint a wall

If you want to go big with red, wash a wall in it. Depending upon the shade you select, red will send off a strong vibe that ranges from happy to angry, so pick your paint color carefully. Another word of caution: It's easy to go too far with red, so start by using this powerful color in small doses. Before washing the entire room in red, start with just one wall and see what you think. Whether you end up painting one area or the whole room, be sure to balance your high-intensity wall color with plenty of light-colored neutrals through upholstery, art and window coverings.

2. Cover some furniture

Give a room an energy boost by adding in a piece of red furniture. Even a small piece of accent furniture will stand out in a room filled with, say, whisper white and dreamy blue. When you're working with red, it doesn't take much to get big results.

The beauty of red is that it works in every style home, from ultra-mod to super-traditional. Right now, we're covering lots of traditional and transitional furniture frames in more contemporary fabric patterns that play up red.

3. Hang artwork

The walls in most of the rooms in my home are painted in soft neutral colors just so that I can cover them with an ever-evolving assortment of artwork. I've found that switching out my art is a great way to change the look and feel of a room. To pay tribute to a favorite color, showcase it through a piece of artwork. If you hang art that includes red, rest assured it will get noticed.

4. Make a red-light district

In my book, there are few things as stately as a beautiful red lamp. When I decorate, I like to add a surprise element in every room -- a little something that catches people off guard because it's so unexpected. A red lamp is the perfect pick. It's sure to elicit a smile. Don't want the whole lamp to be red? Try just adding a red shade to a glass or white lamp you already own.

5. Amp up a space with red accents

I love homes decorated in red. But when it comes to using red in my own home, I want it in small doses. So one way I've threaded this timeless color through my decor is with accents.

Here's a fun idea: Work red in through nostalgic or interesting details, like a glass box holding poker chips. Storage that doubles as a stylish accessory -- what could be better than that?

6. Go red on your bed with pillows

Like artwork, accent pillows give you a super-easy way to introduce a new color to your home's decor. Toss a red pillow in the mix on your sofa or bed. This year I had the accent pillows for my screened porch made from red fabric. They feel nostalgic to me, and I love them!

7. A little touch through table linens

If you'd like to join the red craze but don't want red in your decor, try some red table linens. Perhaps you can feature red placemats, napkins or a tablecloth in your kitchen or patio. It's an easy and inexpensive way to dip your toes in without changing a thing in your home.

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