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Article posted: 7/14/2013 1:00 AM

Take this quiz to learn your kitchen style


A kitchen remodel is a big investment, and there are so many decisions to be made. Depending on your needs and personality, find out which design style works best for you.

1.Ideally, people will use your kitchen to:

A. Cook a healthy meal with the family.

B. Admire beautiful design and art.

C. Sit down for a cup of tea and good conversation.

D. All of the above.

2.Your preference for kitchen appliances is:

A. I want them to work well and not break.

B. I want the latest high-tech models.

C. I want them to come in odd shapes and neon colors.

D. I want to special order them from a vintage shop or artisan.

3.What's your ideal meal?

A. Steak and potatoes with a glass of red wine.

B. Torched escolar with a mustard foam and microgreens.

C. Quinoa and tofu, washed down with kombucha.

D. Whatever's in the larder.

4.What's the most important item in the kitchen?

A. The stove.

B. The cabinets.

C. The jukebox.

D. The sink.

5.What do you think about butcher-block countertops?

A. Looks too casual to me.

B. Ugh, are you serious?

C. Only if it comes on top of purple cabinets.

D. Sounds good, as long as I can chop veggies on it.

6.Why are you remodeling your kitchen?

A. To improve the resale value.

B. To declutter and create a beautiful, impressive design.

C. Because it was just too blah before.

D. To make it more functional and homey.

7.What's your spirit animal?

A. The lion. Regal and impressive.

B. The gazelle. Graceful and silent.

C. The Jabberwocky. Awesome and why not?

D. The horse. Solid and dependable.

Key to your style:

Mostly A: Traditional/Classic

White or neutral cabinets, decorative architectural elements and brushed metal finishes are at home in traditional kitchens. These spaces are functional and show their personality through small details like crown molding, curlicues and arches. Subway tile, dark wood or black countertops and neutral color palettes also indicate traditional styling. Mix in a bright color or fun light fixture to break the mold.

Mostly B: Modern/Contemporary

While modern and contemporary styles are not exactly the same, both have an appreciation for clean lines and simplicity. "Hidden" cabinets with minimal hardware help achieve this look. Stainless steel reigns supreme here, but new glass appliances in white and black also adhere to that shiny modern aesthetic. Beware of creating a space that's too cold -- a potted plant or wooden accessory here or there never hurt anyone.

Mostly C: Eclectic Style

You're probably sick of hearing the word "quirky," but that's one way to describe your style. Your ideal kitchen is a mix of different styles, vibrant colors and seemingly random design choices. Whether it's a printed Instagram/Polaroid wall, chalkboard-painted storage containers or makeshift cinder block shelves, you are game. Design magazines and blogs can help you blend it all together in a functional way.

Mostly D: Rustic/Farmhouse

Function is the main focus of any farmhouse kitchen. For most, that means a big apron-front farmhouse sink, overhead pot racks, abundant storage and pantry areas, and a workhorse countertop that can take some abuse. Other touches include natural wood grain, cast iron pots and other visible textures. A warm color palette and kitschy farm items are optional but fun to search for at local antique shops.

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