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Article updated: 6/13/2013 12:55 PM

Expedition hopes to find La Salle's long lost ship

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Steve Libert

Artist's conception of French explorer LaSalle's lost ship, "The Griffin."

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As a teenager, Steve Libert was mesmerized by a teacher's stories of the brash 17th Century French explorer La Salle, who journeyed across the Great Lakes and down the Mississippi in a quest for a trade route to the Far East that he hoped would bring riches and renown. Particularly intriguing was the tale of the Griffin, a vessel that La Salle built and sailed from Niagara Falls to the shores of present-day Wisconsin before sending it back for more supplies. It departed with a crew of six and a cargo of furs in September 1679 -- and was never seen again.
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    • Steve Libert
    • Artist’s conception of French explorer LaSalle’s lost ship, “The Griffin.”
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