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Article updated: 5/10/2013 1:22 PM

Noah just can't afford to lose his focus for Bulls


After the Game 2 drubbing in Miami, Joakim Noah and the rest of the Bulls have to keep the frustration level to a minimum against the Heat.

Between Noah losing his cool and his message to the fans and media to keep quiet about Derrick Rose, he is making me want to recant my recent declaration of his maturity and leadership.

Noah says he was sticking up for his little brother the way any big brother would, and everyone they should just zip it. Reminds me of the days on Bonanza when Hoss Cartwright would stick up for Little Joe or when Michael Corleone defended brother Fredoafter Moe Green pushed him around in Vegas in "The Godfather."

I need to explain something to Noah: there is speculation about Rose and his health because someone in the Bulls organization leaked the news that Rose was cleared by doctors in February to play -- nothing happened.

He didn't play then, and still hasn't. As time drags on and this fractured Bulls team fights to stay alive in the playoffs, the everyday Bulls fan wonders-"Why isn't D-Rose playing?"

It is an understandable reaction, so we speculate about what Derrick Rose, his brother Reggie Rose, and his agent B.J. Armstrong are thinking.

During Game 2, I must have yelled at the TV and Noah to shut up at least four times. In my opinion, Noah came out too hyped and was the ringleader that disaster. As the Bulls lost their cool to the tune of six technicals, they had their worst playoff loss in history, and Noah and Taj Gibson were tossed.

Here's to hoping things will be calmer in Game 3, whether Rose returns or not.

Picture perfect

I saw a terrific picture of Wrigley Field on the front page of a national newspaper on Thursday and I wondered why the Chicago Cubs want and need a video scoreboard.

I'm with owner Tom Ricketts on a wholesale renovation except for the video scoreboard. Last week on my Fox Sports radio show, I asked for calls from people who had never been to Wrigley. They all wanted to see it eventually and the national audience said that the roof tops add to the ambience and is impressive when you watch the games on TV.

Why take that away for a video scoreboard? If they really need it (which I don't think they do) can't they position it somewhere else?

Like I said, yes they need a new clubhouse, better batting cages and bigger aisles. But a video scoreboard? Noooo!

Cut the deal with the rooftop owners. Whether Ricketts likes it or not, the rooftops add to the experience and aura of Wrigley Field.

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