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Here's a photo from Ruby Beach, Olympic Peninsula, Washington.

Shirley Wilson of Glen Ellyn

A woman walks along the beach in Puta Cana, Dominican Republic last month.

David W. Gaitsch of Island Lake

Three moray eels come out of their lair at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago on April 14th.

Stephen DeGould of Grayslake

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A man walks through the floodwaters on Patricia Lane in Prospect Heights on April 18th.

Rebecca Krase of Prospect Heights

A hummingbird flies around the foliage on St. John Virgin Islands last month.

Trevor Morrison of Arlington Heights

Several red-eyed tree frogs are stacked one on top of the other in Costa Rica.

Fred Share of Arlington Heights

Willy closely guards his bone at his home last month. He's a mix of Australian Cattle Dog and Dingo.

Ed Horvath of Vernon Hills

This is a macro photo of a traffic sawhorse. Most people find road construction to be a frustration, but I like to take a different perspective.

Angela Cichosz of Carol Stream

Each year the Great Blue Herons build their nests in the trees along the banks of east branch of the DuPage River. They establish quite a large rookery there with multiple nests. The photo I took shows a parent coming in with a fish in its mouth to feed the newborn herons.

Joe Gilles of Lombard

This yellow-bellied sapsucker seems to be giving me a dirty look for his headache, even though he brought it on himself by mistaking a picture window for the sky.

Jean K. Brown of Elgin

This is a photo of my father-in-law's train layout, viewed as if you were actually in the train.

Marc Moxon of Woodstock

This photo was taken in my backyard. I was inspired to take this photo because it was the first cool looking sunset I have seen this spring, I wanted to add a little bit of creativity, so I focused it on a couple of tree branches. I'm a freshman at Dundee-Crown High School.

Emma Olsberg of Hampshire

Gallery posted: 4/26/2013 12:18 AM

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