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Here is a photo taken in Lake Tahoe, CA. during our annual ski trip this year. It was a beautiful day and we stopped at Emerald Bay while on a sight seeing drive around the lake.

Dan Williams of Glen Ellyn

Before a storm comes in, a boat is towed from Puerto Vallarta to the village of Yelapa on December 2011. Yelapa can only be reached by boat and did not get electricity until 2001.

Gail Stickels-George of Hanover Park

Maureen Rakow crouches to shoot a picture of an electric blue light work at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas as her husband, Jon, looks on earlier this month.

Ken Juranek of Des Plaines

I really enjoy photographing souvenir stands. They can capture the essence of a city in a variety of ways. In a shop, for sale were canvas images of NYC ready to be turned into decorative wall clocks. I liked the stacking´ of the images and the outline for telling time, without the hands.

Larry Pearlman of Naperville

I photographed this tranquil scene of boat, sunset, and island each summer on trips to Ephraim in Door County. Then one summer the boat was gone! Since then, the sunsets from this viewpoint have not felt the same.

Mike Weimer of St. Charles

Dolphins jump in unison during a performance at the Shedd Aquarium on March 29th.

Roy Lobenhofer of Mount Prospect

Three turtles sun themselves on a log in Grant Woods Forest Preserve in Ingleside last week.

Marty Krogh of Ingleside

I took this photo from glacier point that overlooks Yosemite Valley in June of 2011on a visit with my son and grandson celebrating his high school graduation. The view of Half Dome, the High Sierras and with careful inspection, 10 waterfalls, was spectacular.

Delbert Stoner of Wheaton

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As a tugboat works in the Atlantic Ocean, the sun rises over the beach at Boca Raton, Florida in March of 2011.

David W. Gaitsch of Island Lake

This photo is looking across Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park, South Dakota. My wife and I have visited places in 49 states, but this is where we keep going back to every year.

Milton Hoskins of Hampshire

Scooters line a bricked street in Siena, Italy. The choir of Lake Zurich High School visited Italy in March and performed at the Vatican.

Michael Hert of Lake Zurich

I am always amazed at the intricate details and beauty of the smallest things. This photo of a bug chewed leaf was taken at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Marc Moxon of Woodstock

Gallery posted: 4/19/2013 12:58 AM

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