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posted: 2/28/2013 4:40 AM

Leaders must guard Second Amendment

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Leaders must guard Second Amendment

The other day I was interrupted by a commercial with famous actors and actresses promoting more gun control. Actors and actresses supporting gun control seems very hypocritical to me.

Most of these same people are using their acting skills to convince people that they are shooting someone and this is great entertainment. They make millions of dollars and they do not think their movies have any adverse affect on society.

Who are they to tell us that more gun control is needed and is a good thing? Most of these celebrities also have body guards that carry guns to protect them from overly aggressive and potentially dangerous fans.

The president is no different. He wants to take away guns from the law abiding citizens when he knows that law enforcement cannot keep the guns out of the criminals' hands. As free people in the United States, we have the right to bear arms. It is part of our Constitutional rights, but what the government wants is to take away guns to make its citizens weaker and more dependent on them.

In areas where the government has taken away guns, violent crime and murder went down for a time then exponentially shot up. Even though Chicago has a ban on handguns, most of the murders that occur there are caused by ... handguns.

We need to stand up for the right to bear arms and be allowed to protect ourselves and our families from whoever might threaten our lives. This includes, as our Founding Fathers demonstrated, providing citizens the ability to protect ourselves, even from our own government. Therefore, it is important to elect members of Congress who will vote to protect the Second Amendment and the Constitution.

Dan Wachowski


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