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updated: 2/1/2013 9:26 PM

"Captive" indie film by local Antioch resident

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  • Poster design by Michael Bachochin

    Poster design by Michael Bachochin
    Michael Bachochin

Regina Bachochin

The short film, "Captive," is written and directed by local Antioch resident, Michael Bachochin, CEO of Kingdom Entertainment, the film production company behind the making of this film.

The locations involved in the filming of this project included Antioch, Chicago, Lisle and Newark, Ill.

Principal photography began on Jan. 19 in Antioch, and wrapped up on Jan. 26 in Newark, Ill.

"Captive" is a short film that follows the abduction of Jackson Reed and Esther Banner by a seemingly unkown, disturbing, group of armed soldiers known as 'Bag-Heads'. The Bag-Heads do not openly speak to the captives that they take prisoner in what would appear to be an ancient monolithic structure that is located directly beneath an extremely rural farm estate. The captives are kept isolated in single 'cells', forced to wear dingy, weathered, uniform-like clothing, and are selected special diets that are custom tailored for each individual. Months into Jackson and Esther's captivity, several of the soldiers attempt to rape Esther, leading Jackson to take violent action against the Bag-Heads, as well as providing a distraction for their own escape into a vague wilderness, where the two happen upon an impossibly placed elevator with only one direction: up. "Captive" not only tells a thrilling mystery, Neo-Noire influenced plot, but chooses to explore themes of human self-destruction, human desperation, the fine line between science and religion, as well as bringing into question numerous ideas about society's quick and absolute devotion to the validation of religion in both our personal and existential existences'.

Kingdom's plan with the completion of this short film is to submit to local, regional, national and international film festivals, hopefully opening the opportunity to continue this story into feature-length adaptations of 'Captive' to include: 'Captive: War In Quadrants'; 'Captive: Through Blood'; and 'Captive: The Protectorate's Trial'.

The lead talent in this film are: Shannon Brown (Jackson Reed) and Lindsay Rathert (Esther Banner).

More about Kingdom Entertainment:

Kingdom Entertainment is a Chicago-based studio/production firm specializing in pre-production and production of short and feature length films. The firm was founded by Michael Bachochin and Shannon Brown as a means to explore, fund, diversify, and share a variety of the arts.

As of late, Kingdom Entertainment is focused on providing resources for photography and filmography, employing a variety of talents and skills above and behind the line for film.

Kingdom Entertainment Production List includes: Communicators (Short Film) - 2012, written, produced, directed; Pro Reo (Short Film) - 2012, written, produced, directed; Ringfinger (Short Film) - 2012, written, produced, directed; Windy (Short Film) - 2012, written, produced; Captive ('Epic' Short Film) - 2013, written, produced, directed.