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Two boys play lacrosse on a beach in Seaside, Florida during summer break. It was one of the many great sunsets after Tropical Storm Debby had passed.

Colin Morabito of Libertyville

This is a picture of Bear Butte which is about ten miles from Sturgis, SD. This is sacred ground to several Native American tribes. Prayer flags can be found all along the trails that we used to get to the top.

Milton Hoskins of Hampshire

Two buffalo lock horns at Custer State Park in South Dakota last October.

Linda L. Sarmento of Wildwood

A carriage drives by in the evening hours in Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic last October. Tyn Church is in the background.

Bob Denaro of Long Grove

Here's a long-exposure of a Metra BNSF train around Downers Grove. I think the photo is very visually stunning and has lovely elements in it such as the train's headlamp's light trail, the stars in the background, and the greenish glow, which emanates from the illuminated windows of a BNSF Metra train. That photo was taken with a Canon 30D with Sigma 18-200 62 mm lens at ISO 400, f7.1, and with a couple seconds exposure.

Vivek Jena of Naperville

This is a photo I took this summer while traveling with my mother in the Lyngor Fiord, Norway. We crossed by this boat going in the opposite direction and I had just a second or two to get the shot. I LOVE the dichotomy of the modern father shuttling his children in an ancient wooden boat!

Carol Asselmeier of Glen Ellyn

Frost covers blades of grass and the edges of maple leaves early one morning in Wheeling several weeks ago.

Susie Lee of Wheeling

A panoramic image of Crabtree Nature Center this fall. It is amazing how dry the lake has become this year.

Joe Petykowski of Palatine

Although this bug is tiny, his leaflike shape stands out against the vivid pink of the hydrangea petals.

Robert M. Sharp of Gilberts

We crossed paths with this cow, who was out for a Sunday stroll through the changing aspen trees, in Ohio Pass near Crested Butte, Colorado.

Laura Frasz of Elburn

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This is a photo is of a resident of Zadar, Croatia. It was taken while walking the street on a recent vacation with my wife and friends.

Roger Sudnick of West Chicago

Several sea birds take to flight as the sun sets in Cozumel, Mexico in 2011.

Trevor Morrison of Arlington Heights

Gallery posted: 12/7/2012 12:21 AM

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