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posted: 11/18/2012 5:00 AM

Obama re-election makes no sense

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We finally have an answer to the question of how dumb can you get. Consider these facts about Obama and his administration: Because of his policies we now experience the highest sustained unemployment rate since the Great Depression. He is destroying the greatest health care system in the world with his imposition of Obamacare.

Companies are changing full-time employees to part-time and laying off employees to avoid the high cost of Obamacare. He contributed to the highest gas and energy prices in history by preventing the drilling and research for oil and the mining of coal. He canceled the Keystone pipeline project, eliminating thousands of jobs. We have more people on food stamps and more people in poverty than ever before. Family income has been cut by $4,000.

He added more to the national debt than that added by all preceding presidents combined. This debt will continue to be paid for by our children and grandchildren. He compromised the ability of our military to defend us with drastic military budget reductions. His stimulus plan created a minimal number of jobs but contributed financially to his friends and friends of his regime. His green energy companies such as Solyndra are going bankrupt. He covered up scandals including Fast and Furious and Benghazi to avoid revealing his complicity. Instead of cutting government costs he chooses to raise taxes on job creators, forcing them to reduce staff or go out of business. He has done nothing to protect our borders. He trampled upon our Constitution.

His is a failed presidency. In spite of all these and many more transgressions, he has been re-elected to the presidency. How dumb can you get? The answer is obvious.

Norman Janowicz

Spring Grove

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