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posted: 9/1/2012 5:00 AM

Beware of pitfalls in Obamacare

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James Prescott (Fence Post, July 11) is upset that Obamacare might be overturned if "O"Romney is elected. I believe that at best all he would do is make a few minor changes while claiming it was a major revision. This law was written by and for the insurance companies; thus, few politicians will dare vote in a way that might jeopardize any future campaign funding.

Why does this bill need to be thousands of pages long? Of course what better way to hide things that they don't want us to know about? Could one of those things be the so-called death panels? Yes, they are real. This is where the elderly can be denied various lifesaving measures based on cost.

Or how about being told you must get some new untested vaccine, or one with side effects that are worse then whatever it is trying to prevent? Or to take drugs or a treatment that only masks the symptoms of the disease rather then try to find an actual cure. Meanwhile vitamins, supplements and raw foods are banned. Is this truly health care or is it a form of eugenics?

For this system to work many new doctors will be required; meanwhile, many current doctors say they would quit rather then work under this system. Naturally we don't need to worry about minor details like this, the government will fix them. But only after its first priority of hiring the thousands of new tax collectors needed to enforce your compliance.

Richard Gideon


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